Until now I keep track of my patients in word files. Specifically, my patients in excel, notes for each patient in office, my appointments in the Outlook calendar, the finances of each patient in block manuscript, radiograms in jpg file. What more will the 4physio offer me?

4physio is a valuable tool in your hands that has all the possibilities above built-in (in addition to other functions). With a quick glance you can control all your patients' movements regarding both the appointments of the sessions, the extent of his punctuality to these and all your financial transactions with each patient (of course if you enter them in the program).

Another important advantage is that if you choose the right screen, you can see your entire availability in free beds and the distribution of your patients in them per hour at a glance.

4physio is an online (internet) application?

No! 4physio is a desktop web application which is installed in one or more computers in your office with simultaneous use and registration of data per user and automatic update of all changes made to the application by each user separately.

Is the software compatible with tax mechanism?

Of course! The program can issue all legal invoices as provided by BRC.

You can print both in dot-matrix printers and laser printers, providing you also specify the printer at any time that you want to edit your invoice or set default option. It also has the capability to connect with tax mechanism type A which means that you are not obliged to pay release (for the tax mechanism) each year.

How do I pay off?

The software is available for use for a specific period. The user discounts usage rights for a certain period of time in order to have the rights to use the software. This can be defined on a monthly or annual basis or otherwise as specified in cost menu. The usage rights are independent of the software market, which is single and is determined by the local distributors. Exceptions are offers which give the user the possibility not to buy but use the software by buying only usage rights. These offers are posted on this website and their duration is determined by 4physio. The maintenance or demonstration cost of the software is also determined by the local distributors.

Do I have some time commitment to use the application?

Absolutely no! It is not necessary to refresh its use.

How can I renew the usage rights if I have stopped to buy usage rights?

You can renew the rights to use the application, after a pause, by pre-paying usage rights for the period of time you want. Since you didn't renew the rights to use, the renewed versions will not be available unless you buy the usage rights for the period that you did not have or supply them from place representative.

Is there technical support?

Apart from the detailed and full manual of software use, both place distributors and technicians of 4physio are willing to help and solve any questions.